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    I am an accomplished writer and public speaker from East Germany. I currently now reside in the USA, West Virginia to be exact and love it like home. I started this blog to document my path in this unknown journey called "life". Every month I'll aim to add something valuable to my readers and to my legacy as I navigate the course. Enjoy with me and I will be thankful! Good Day Folks!

    My Family

    These are my heartbeats, Esthela (on the left) and Josh (on the right). With good vibes and positivity I know that all I want for them will come to past. You may hear from them very soon, let's hope they oblige.
    Esthela Finch
    My Beautiful Wife
    Josh Finch
    My Son

    "Das ist mein Leben"

    My Most Recent Adventures

    • Feb, 26

      Family Cruise Vacation

      There’s no question that many people cringe at the thought of traveling on a cruise ship, well I did. But to my disbelief, my experience on a cruise was beyond what I’d have ever imagined. From the majestic wonder of the natural blue to the crew who made the seven-day journey on a very big boat rather normal, I often wondered why I was so afraid. I traveled on a cruise to Southampton last August and the experience I had was mind-blowing! Apart from the unlimited, beautiful oceanic view outside, the cruise itself provided a lucrative lifestyle that you wouldn’t find on the mainland.

      Our Dinner

      The whole journey certainly wasn’t cheap, nonetheless, and after covering my destined mileage, I wished I had hacked my way through a few expenses. I had lots of fun though. Dinner was always prompt and the restaurant wasn’t as crowded as the one in the Titanic. I read quite comfortably at the upper pool, with an inexpensive vision of sensational blue in front of me. I even spent hours at the gym and no one seemed to be bothered by that. That was fun. What really got to me was the prices of things before and after boarding the ship.

      Food & Housekeeping

      Aside from the cruise fare, there was a port charge, a cruise insurance charge, not to mention the charges of the services and products onboard.  The alcohol was outrageously priced (check this company out that saved us money on drinks) laundry and housekeeping cost me about $55 while using the ATM had a $5.50 charge labeled to it, and that’s inconclusive of the bank charges. The food pricing included in the cruise fare was somewhat a bummer for me as I do love some munchies ever so often, and a drink of course. However, the food provided was scrumptious although not every joint gave free food. Only the main cruise restaurant did. My favorite bar was one of this joint, sad enough. Made me wish I’d carried my own bottle. Who am I kidding, I loved the entire cruise!…

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      Jan, 13

      Find Out Who Is Behind The Call

      In many nations, cellphones are allocated to dedicated cellular telephone codes inside the nation’s numbering databases. After this code is the specific cell phone number which is a string of particular numbers that a cell phone client can dial to reach another cell phone or telephone.

      In many nations, telephone numbers comprise of ten numeric digits plus the nations dialing code before the ten digits. These digits are unique to every cell phone or user.
      People usually share their cell phone numbers with family, friends, clients and colleagues, but occasionally it is not the case.

      Sometimes you are forced to look up for the cell phone number using your own ways. Despite the fact that cell phone numbers are still viewed as private data and not accessible in directory facilities, numerous cellphone numbers have saturated the Internet databases and are accessible to those who know how to look for them. Cellphone directories don’t transfer phone numbers, so there is no paper trail to follow. However, that does not imply that looking up a cellphone number is impossible. There are a couple of approaches you can use and still access the numbers.

      The simplest one is using a search engine. In case you know the cell phone number, try and enter the cell phone number in to a search engine of your choice and see what comes up. If the mobile phone number you are looking have ever been entered anywhere on the web, it will show up and you’ll be able to track who owns it. Make sure to include the area code to help you narrow down your search. The other way is using a social site. Numerous social sites users have security settings that still display their private numbers when a person searches. Search for the number or the users name on the social media site, and if their settings are public, you will get the information you need. You can also look the online organization directory where the individual works. In case you can locate the individual’s place of work, you will have the capacity to find a cell number in a staff catalog or through promoting, advertising or public relations materials. You can also look for site to which the person could be connected. This can be a church website, business associations or certification sites.
      Another simple way to look up for cell phone number is to look for the individual’s resume. Many people put their resumes online which has their contacts data. Utilize the online white pages. The white pages are regularly used to list private data including cell phone numbers.If these methods don’t give you an outcome, try a reverse cellphone lookup service. This kind of service enables you to trace an unknown number and get the callers details. However, most of the reverse cell phone lookup services are not free. But they are worth it.…

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    • Sep, 22

      A Hike up the Colorado Mountains

      Hiking mountains in Colorado is fun and a good way to exercise. I had been putting off this hiking trip to the mountains for the longest time ever (about 9 months actually) and my son Josh was becoming irate about the whole thing. Had he not woken up on a school day and packed for the hike, maybe this one day vacation would never have happened! My wife found him in the kitchen busy making sandwiches and other snacks to bring to his hiking trip and jokingly helped him with it. One look at them and I realized something had to give. A resolve was made and everyone pinky promised that the first weekend of the following month would be it.

      In Search of the Perfect Challenge

      I started Googling immediately for the best hiking trail for beginners since we had not done this before. With 140 trails and 54 peaks to choose from, this was becoming strenuous by itself. One helpful website broke down the trail difficulties from easy to strenuous and this helped us decide on the best fourteeners for beginners. I included the “crew” for a final decision and at last we had our pick, Mt. Bierstadt it was! We figured it was the best way to start since it’s a very popular family hiking trail and you can get quick help in case anything wrong happens.

      Practice Makes Perfect

      Preparing for the mountain hike was just as fun. We made it a habit to walk whenever we could to build endurance and get our leg muscles accustomed to long walks. Josh rode everyday to school on his bike. I did a couple of morning and evening runs to get my lungs into shape. I was super-dad and there is no chance in hell I was going to cave in before my son! I also read about AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) and that wasn’t going to be either, hopefully.

      Packing for D-Day

      I had no idea how to pack for a hike in the mountains and I had to seek the help of a friend to get it just right. We pulled out the hiking boots from the attic and dusted them in preparation for the family’s day out. We packed light daypacks each for three of us and made sure we had enough water, food (mostly granola and jerky), cell phones, sunglasses & sunscreen, 3 flashlights and 2 head lamps, a pocket knife each for me and my wife, matches, a compass, first aid kit and a map. I also packed a small radio for entertainment and listening in on any news especially about the weather. I bought hiking poles for the three of us too. Lastly, we packed some extra warm clothes just in case. The one thing we never travel without is a camera and everyone carried theirs.

      Journey to the Top

      The day finally came and everyone in the house (including the cat) was unusually happy. Our road trip to Denver started early Friday morning. We thought the road trip would give us a chance for more sight seeing as opposed to flying there. I’m glad we did this. Josh was gleaming all the way and he practically stuck his head out the window the whole way asking about every interesting thing we came across which of course I had fun answering (making up some of the answers too!). We got to Denver late in the evening made a quick stop to counter check if what we’d carried would be enough (I added tinned sardines and some “adult supplies” from Tommyknocker to my menu). From here we headed straight to the trailhead at the top of Guanella Pass through Grant where we camped at Burning Bear campsite.

      Our hike started early Saturday morning and by 7:30 am we were almost at the mountain lakes past the creek (Scott Gomer Creek) and the willows. We were determined to summit it so we kept a rather fast pace with stopovers to enjoy a few bites and take some photos against the lush background. Three miles up and the green disappeared leaving a rocky trail to the top. Josh led all the way running ahead and …

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      Aug, 16

      Our Dental Vacation to Mexico

      So I went to Cancun to finally take care of my Denture problems……

      Denture problems can be a pain especially if they keep you from the essentials such as smiling and eating. I had terrible lower teeth! OMG, I held my mouth in my hand every time I smiled in public, it was horrible. Today I have a perfect smile and I don’t have to keep twitching and flinching when I eat ice cream or have a hot cup of coffee any more. This is all thanks to one little trip I took recently. My all on 4 surgery experience was a total success and I will always thank my lucky stars I went to Cancun, Mexico for this.

      The Slow Start

      Of course I was weary of going to Mexico for the All On 4 Dental Implants procedure. My friends kept coming up with all these scary stories of botched surgeries and that really got me tense about the whole thing. I made up my mind to pack and go when I couldn’t stand the pain and obvious embarrassment despite my friend’s constant reassurance that they liked me the way I am, typical! They thought a visit to a local dentist would be better, but that came with a huge price tag on it. I just had to get this done, and for the prices offered per arch at Dr. Arzate’s office (All On 4 Implants Cancun), I couldn’t resist it.

      The Arrival to Mexico

      My flight was well scheduled and we got there just in time for me to make it for my first appointment. The clinic looks amazing for lack of a better word. I really didn’t expect such class and ambiance so forgive for wanting to walk out and come back in for more surprise! The receptionist was always there with a perfect pearl white smile which said so much about the quality of their business. In fact, everyone in the facility has perfect teeth for all I can remember. I have never seen such a beautiful collection of nice smiles in my life!

      My Short & Sweet Wait

      The friendly dentists assured me that the process would take only 4 – 5 appointments spread over 8 days max. I wish I had come here a year earlier because my teeth almost ruined my unplanned vacation. The beaches are gorgeous… white sands stretching for miles and people having fun everywhere, all smiles, except guess who? The first two days I went to Playa Delfines beach and had the time of my life (and I touched a pelican, yey!). I couldn’t wait for this fairy tale to end with a perfect set of choppers. Talk of dental tourism…!?

      The Finished Princess Smile

      After 9 days of pure vacationing bliss (I also went to Xcaret and almost didn’t wanna go back home) and appointments for the step by step procedure carried out by professionals, my mouth was new. The futuristic buzzing equipment worked on my mouth like you see in alien abduction movies! The best part is that there is virtually no pain. I was completely reborn once I stepped out of the facility. I was so elated I smiled at everyone and anyone!

      Three months later and I have no problem whatsoever. I can chew comfortably, drink my coffee and I keep looking for reasons to smile when I’m out with my friends (I even laugh at the bad jokes just to show off my beautiful set of new dental implants). Just take a look at all of these All On 4 Dental Implants before and after photos.

      Friendly Word

      If you  need All On 4 dentures or need a similar surgery, Dr. Arzate will be able to help you at a price no one here in the USA can match I promise you that!…

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