Our Dental Vacation to Mexico

So I went to Cancun to finally take care of my Denture problems……

Denture problems can be a pain especially if they keep you from the essentials such as smiling and eating. I had terrible lower teeth! OMG, I held my mouth in my hand every time I smiled in public, it was horrible. Today I have a perfect smile and I don’t have to keep twitching and flinching when I eat ice cream or have a hot cup of coffee any more. This is all thanks to one little trip I took recently. My all on 4 surgery experience was a total success and I will always thank my lucky stars I went to Cancun, Mexico for this.

The Slow Start

Of course I was weary of going to Mexico for the All On 4 Dental Implants procedure. My friends kept coming up with all these scary stories of botched surgeries and that really got me tense about the whole thing. I made up my mind to pack and go when I couldn’t stand the pain and obvious embarrassment despite my friend’s constant reassurance that they liked me the way I am, typical! They thought a visit to a local dentist would be better, but that came with a huge price tag on it. I just had to get this done, and for the prices offered per arch at Dr. Arzate’s office (All On 4 Implants Cancun), I couldn’t resist it.

The Arrival to Mexico

My flight was well scheduled and we got there just in time for me to make it for my first appointment. The clinic looks amazing for lack of a better word. I really didn’t expect such class and ambiance so forgive for wanting to walk out and come back in for more surprise! The receptionist was always there with a perfect pearl white smile which said so much about the quality of their business. In fact, everyone in the facility has perfect teeth for all I can remember. I have never seen such a beautiful collection of nice smiles in my life!

My Short & Sweet Wait

The friendly dentists assured me that the process would take only 4 – 5 appointments spread over 8 days max. I wish I had come here a year earlier because my teeth almost ruined my unplanned vacation. The beaches are gorgeous… white sands stretching for miles and people having fun everywhere, all smiles, except guess who? The first two days I went to Playa Delfines beach and had the time of my life (and I touched a pelican, yey!). I couldn’t wait for this fairy tale to end with a perfect set of choppers. Talk of dental tourism…!?

The Finished Princess Smile

After 9 days of pure vacationing bliss (I also went to Xcaret and almost didn’t wanna go back home) and appointments for the step by step procedure carried out by professionals, my mouth was new. The futuristic buzzing equipment worked on my mouth like you see in alien abduction movies! The best part is that there is virtually no pain. I was completely reborn once I stepped out of the facility. I was so elated I smiled at everyone and anyone!

Three months later and I have no problem whatsoever. I can chew comfortably, drink my coffee and I keep looking for reasons to smile when I’m out with my friends (I even laugh at the bad jokes just to show off my beautiful set of new dental implants). Just take a look at all of these All On 4 Dental Implants before and after photos.

Friendly Word

If you  need All On 4 dentures or need a similar surgery, Dr. Arzate will be able to help you at a price no one here in the USA can match I promise you that!

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