How To Trace A Phone Number Online- 3 Proven Techniques

A phone is indeed convenient for communication; but to some people this very
phone can prove annoying as they have to tolerate prank calls from unknown
numbers. If you too are one of them, you will definitely want to know who calls
you, and how to trace a phone number online. Surprisingly, it is not that difficult
tracing numbers online. Read to learn how.

Conduct a search
by typing the phone number into your favorite search engine like Google, MSN or
Yahoo. You will learn the number owner if his number is listed in any blog site,
dating site, his social networking account or if he has posted classified ads with
his contact details.

For better results,
enter the number to be searched in not one, but various formats like 444-444-4444
and (444)-444-4444. This search option may however not work every time as
some companies, and even most of the cell phone companies keep their members information
private for legal reasons.

Conduct searches
in the chat discussions which are held in social networking sites like Twitter
and Facebook and in forums. This is because many people exchange information
like names, address and phone numbers in places like this. So all you need to
do is type the number in the site’s search and you might just find the origin
of the call.

Call the number
to find out who is calling you. If someone answers the call, just inform them
that someone has been making prank calls to you through the number. If no one answers
the call, use a different number as the other party may deliberately be
ignoring your call.

Use the reverse
phone directory to retrieve phone or call information. Type your number in its
search field and if the number if a listed number, you will be provided with
the owner’s name, address and company.

While this is free in case
of free reverse phone look up sites, there are sites which charge certain fees
and paid memberships for conducting more advanced searches. This paid function
provides you with details of unlisted and cell phone numbers and the payment is
made based on individual searches or an annual fee to be paid for unlimited
reverse phone searches.

So, in a nutshell, while you can get some cell phone numbers for free through search
engines, you are guaranteed results when you do a search using a paid reverse
phone directory service. Cheap and easy, these services promise results every

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