Family Cruise Vacation

There’s no question that many people cringe at the thought of traveling on a cruise ship, well I did. But to my disbelief, my experience on a cruise was beyond what I’d have ever imagined. From the majestic wonder of the natural blue to the crew who made the seven-day journey on a very big boat rather normal, I often wondered why I was so afraid. I traveled on a cruise to Southampton last August and the experience I had was mind-blowing! Apart from the unlimited, beautiful oceanic view outside, the cruise itself provided a lucrative lifestyle that you wouldn’t find on the mainland.

Our Dinner

The whole journey certainly wasn’t cheap, nonetheless, and after covering my destined mileage, I wished I had hacked my way through a few expenses. I had lots of fun though. Dinner was always prompt and the restaurant wasn’t as crowded as the one in the Titanic. I read quite comfortably at the upper pool, with an inexpensive vision of sensational blue in front of me. I even spent hours at the gym and no one seemed to be bothered by that. That was fun. What really got to me was the prices of things before and after boarding the ship.

Food & Housekeeping

Aside from the cruise fare, there was a port charge, a cruise insurance charge, not to mention the charges of the services and products onboard.  The alcohol was outrageously priced (check this company out that saved us money on drinks) laundry and housekeeping cost me about $55 while using the ATM had a $5.50 charge labeled to it, and that’s inconclusive of the bank charges. The food pricing included in the cruise fare was somewhat a bummer for me as I do love some munchies ever so often, and a drink of course. However, the food provided was scrumptious although not every joint gave free food. Only the main cruise restaurant did. My favorite bar was one of this joint, sad enough. Made me wish I’d carried my own bottle. Who am I kidding, I loved the entire cruise!

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